Stair-Rover™ doesn’t just give you access to new areas of the city. It gives you access to a new world of tricks and maneuvers – and the vast majority are yet to be created. That’s why we’re so excited to see what our community of riders will discover. The possibilities are virtually endless.

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  • Allrover® 60mm 78a SHR wheels with super high rebounce can go over rough surfaces smoothly.
  • 4 wheels in one set. If you want to replace all wheels on the Stair-Rover™, you will need 2 sets.
  • Standard core size can fit in all kinds of skateboards or longboards.
  • Perfect for city surfing.

Material : Polypropylene, Ethyl carbamate
Diameter : 60mm
Width : 32mm
Hardness : 78a

  • Keels are key components for the Stair-Rover™ to go down stairs.
  • Flexible fiberglass can absorb the impact from going down stairs.
  • 2 keels in one set.
  • The keel needs to be replaced if it is worn to the safety indication line.

Material : Nylon, Fiberglass
Length : 500mm
Width : 15mm
Height : 46mm

  • A 6-ply maple deck with slight concave.
  • A cut-out for hand carrying.
  • Allrover® griptape attached.

Content: 6-Ply maple deck, griptape
Length : 790mm
Width : 210mm
Thickness : 10m

  • The CNC footstop with complicated texture makes riders’ foot fixed on the deck, and more stable when downstairs.
  • Recommend to advanced rider.
  • Footstop, washer, bolt, and nut are included.
Content : Footstop, bolt, washer, nut
Material : Aluminum
Diameter : 25mm
Height : 16mm
  • T-tool and allen/phillips head removable screwdriver (L-tool) are included.
  • Work with all types of skateboards and longboards.

9/16“ socket to tighten trucks
1/2“ socket to tighten wheels
3/8“ socket to tighten mounted hardware
7/32“ allen/phillips head removable screwdriver

  • When you find the griptape was worn out, you need to replace it with a new one. Normally from 2 months to 1 year.
  • Already with cut-outs for deck shape and hand carrying.

Length 790mm
Fit for Allrover® deck

  • Abec7
  • 8 bearings for a set. For Stair-Rover™, you need 16 bearings/2set.
  • 50 degree truck, with 92A super high rebounce bushing, allow you to do a rush turn.
  • Reverse kingpin to avoid bolt hitting ground thrust.
  • Truck with 6-hole baseplate will fit both the old school and the new school pattern.
  • Include 1 truck. For a skateboard, you will need 2 trucks.

Material : Aluminum, steels, carbon steel, polyurethane
Truck angle : 50 degree
Axle length : 200mm
Plate length : 130mm
Height : 68mm

  • V-frame is made of nylon and fiberglass, that makes it highly flexible and strong.
  • There are an aluminum core and a brass piece inside the V-frame, which is the most important key for Stair-Rover™ chassis system.
  • 4 V-frames in a set, you will need 1 set for a Stair-Rover™.
  • Once you get a new V-frame, you'll need to lubricant the brass piece before assembling.

Material: Nylon, fiberglass, aluminum, brass