My name is Po-Chih Lai and I am a Taiwanese designer. Allrover® is a team of young Taiwanese professionals who are passionate about street culture, inventing, and designing. Comprised of skaters, designers, engineers, and expert manufacturers, the Allrover® team was formed in London.

In October, 2014, we started our journey in Taiwan, launching our Stair-Rover™, an 8-wheel skateboard, on the zeczec® crowd-funding website. This launch spiked the interest of the global media and, with the support of 8,000 Taiwanese friends, we were able to raise over NTD 39,000,000, breaking the crowd-funding record for the skateboard category. We also created the highest crowd-funding record in Asia for all categories. For this, we would like to express our deepest gratitude.

“It is really designed for the man who never wants to grow up.”
- Sky News anchor, Adrian Simpson

The core quality of the Allrover® team is our child-like soul. Our ultimate goal is to bring innovation to skateboarding and surfing and to inspire a fresh urban style. The Allrover® team is one that values user’s feedback and one that pays close attention to user’s experience. During the development process, we took customer advice into consideration. After the items were manufactured, we continued to interact with our customers on social media platforms to constantly improve our product. In reality, the birth of the Flipbag™ was very much inspired by the ideas left by our friends online.